Helge R. Olsen & Sønn AS is a transport and freight forwarding company based in Hønefoss and Halden. We customize transport solutions both nationally and internationally – primarily in Europe.

Due to our extensive experience since our establishment in 1936, we're able to offer a wide range of services within freight forwarding. We offer tank trucks for chemical transport, container transport, transport of long, wide or heavy cargo, overseas transport, and storage of goods in our own terminals at Hønefoss or Oslo. We store your necessary customs documentation, both for internal and external parties.

Well documented work and reporting routines ensure quality, safe transport, every time. The fact that we have clients who have stuck by us throughout the years shows us that we're competitively priced, while still ensuring exceptional quality in all our services. At the same time we're always looking to improve in every area of our business.

We aim to always be serious, competent and engaged.