On the road again

In addition to our big trucks along the road, you might happen to see one of our small company cars as well.

This beautiful view is what you can discover while driving between our offices in Halden and Hønefoss.

Drive safe this summer, take time to stretch your legs and enjoy the surroundings 🙂

In October 2018, Statens Vegvesen opened their new Truck Stop at E6 Halden, just 4 km from the border.

There are 77 parking lots with free parking for Maximum 48 hours. The space is well lit, have outdoor seating benches, possibility of connecting to power and a service building with showers and toilets, which is also suitable for disabled truck drivers.

Close to the truck stop there are a gas station for trucks, truck wash, workshop, a couple of eating places and the office of Helge R Olsen & Sønn AS in Halden.

Winter greetings

What a wonderful day at the border…

If the cold air bites Your cheeks, come inside for a warming cup of coffee while we prepare Your documents.

Enjoy Your day and drive safe…!!

Summer greetings!

Wishing everyone a nice summer.

Here are information regarding opening hours for Halden in July:

Monday-Friday 8-18

Saturday closed

Sunday 8-16

Safety Training for Drivers

On February 10th and 11th we completed an internal security training session for the first group of our drivers.

The purpose of the training was to further enlighten on safety rules and regulations, both State regulated and within the company itself. The course covers multiple important points intended to increase safety and is the reason HRO is one of the few Norwegian companies to have recieved the “Fair Transport” branding from the NLF.

  • Maintenance of both the vehicle and trailer, in addition to the rear lift.
  • Driving and resting requirements.
  • Documentation for potential control stops while on the road.
  • HSEQ – review of our deviation and improvement app.
  • Eco-driving
  • Safety routines for potential accidents or injury
  • Chain use
  • Dangerous goods
  • Load security

The next course for the second group of drivers will be held on March 10th and 11th.

As one of the first in the country, HRO is able to mark their vehicles as an approved “Fair Transport” company.

Fair Transport is NFL’s ongoing project to forward safe and environmentally conscious transport. Safety terms of traffic safety, but also safety in the social responsibility we have for our drivers and their working conditions. Our drivers receive their rest periods, have the correct safety equipment, and are appropriately trained along with being supplemented with regular courses.

HRO has worked towards this distinction by reviewing all HSE practices, as well as making guidelines and safety manuals for all situations readily and publically available.

Transport and Logistics 2017

It’s been a tradition for HRO to attend this messa. In 2017 we participated for the third time. This is an incredibly important meeting place where we’re able to contact both colleagues and transport / logistics buyers from all across the contry. We’re often noticed by our existing clients and suppliers while at the same time coming in contact with new potential clients.

We’re also able to brush up on up and coming themes within the branch through many exciting lectures.

Through packaging and transport optimization you can reduce your transport costs by up to 40%!

Finally, a pallet pool for the environmentally and cost based conscious. IP-Group AS and Helge R. Olsen have come up with a solution!


For close to twenty years, IP-Group has focused on lowering the cost of our clients transport needs through intelligent and environmentally conscious packaging products. We set our focus on such as much as is possible, develop and produce products made of 100% recyclable plastic. Our most well known example is the prize winning and patented Miljøpallen. We offer both standard and customized solutions. The common thread in all our business models is a form of minimalism. We work hard to implement solutions that save on cost, the environment, and space.

Helge R Olsen

Helge R. Olsen & Sønn AS was established in 1936 by Helge Reidar Olsen. A company with over 65 employees and our own vehicle fleet. We have been on the road for over 80 years, which has given us a unique experience and competence. Helge R. Olsen’s business model has always been quality and reliability. The fact that we’ve retained clients for more than 20 years at a time shows that we’re both competitive in price, while retaining a high quality in our products. At the same time we always wish to improve, everywhere that is possible. Our departments in Oslo, Hønefoss and Halden customize solutions for transportation, storage, freight forwarding and customs both nationally and internationally, primarily in Europe. Our motto is that we’ll be your first choice.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

  • Renting Miljøpaller til a considerably lower price than those made of wood.
  • Renting Smart Returemballasje with walls and a lid for optimization of packaging and transport.
  • Renting plastic containers and replace single use packaging.
  • 100% security that we’ll take care of all return transports. You need only concern yourself with a single cost.
  • Take advantage of our consultant services when it comes to calculation of cost reduction, effectivity and optimization of packing patterns and transport.
  • Web based tracking systems in which you can input all your packaging.
  • We offer a unique RFID system for which we can guarantee up to 100% control of your goods, pallets and movements.