HRO is a well rounded transporter able to see through nearly all your transport needs. We offer personal service, and follow up via regular points of contact.

We customize logistical solutions for our clients upon request, with for example storage, customs clearance and transport as well as calculating costs for special transport and crane transport needs.

We cover both Norway and abroad with vehicle, boat, and air transport. Each of these can be supplimented with customs clearance. You as a client only need one point of contanct, HRO.

Our ADR vehicles cover Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. We've specialized in the transport of hazard class 9 goods.

We have a goods terminal and storage at both Hensmoen and Skytta. These locations offer unload, storage, and distribution for business and private clients.

Our material and equipment cover all transport requirements within:

  • Individual and group loads both domestic and abroad.
  • Special transports with length, width, and height that require dispensations, escort vehicles, etc.
  • Crane trucks with trailers.
  • All container loads with chassis or side loads, including the transport of body containers.
  • ADR tanks
  • Daily distribution routes to Eastern Norway / Viken

Our offices are located in the Hensmoen industrial area, at Verkstedveien 52, 3516 Hønefoss. Opening hours are 08:00-16:00 Monday to Friday.

For orders or requests, contact us via e-mail or tlf: +47 40 55 20 10.


Morten Kaalhus
Transport Coordinator  

+47 90 93 36 17

Thor-Martin Vatningen
Transport Coordinator

+47 92 80 21 06