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Svinesund Customs Department

Our Svinesund customs department sports offices in the new Svinesundparken Transportsenter. At this splendid location we're able to handle all types of customs projects for both small and large companies. The majority of goods put through customs are sent to Svinesund, however we have the appropriate documentation to allow direct customs transfer to all borders by way of road transportation, along with the majority of transport by sea.

We'll help you a smooth border crossing!

We offer both import and export documents in the Norwegian and Swedish customs system along with Norwegian transit and issuance of EUR1 certificates. The customs warehouse at Svinesund provides temporary storage of goods before they pass through customs.

For Norwegian import, customs papers are prepared in an envelope for the driver and await pickup at the Svinesund customs station (text message / email correspondence is required for other border crossings). The envelope is collected and the papers are delivered to the customs officer who finishes the import. Customs receipts are sent directly to the purchaser to assure full control over all portions of the economic chain. Export paperwork can be collected at our office. Outside normal business hours, necessary paperwork is readied and placed in an external mailbox. Easy and smooth.

All orders should be sent to our communal email address: customs@hro.no Requests and projects are quickly processed within business hours, and the finished customs papers are sent back to the client. The Svinesund Customs Department has customs clearance programs for both Norway and Sweden along with maintaining partners among other European freight forwarders.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00-18:00, Tuesday-Friday 08:00-20:00, Saturday closed, Sunday 08:00-16:00 (Changes in opening hours can be expected in connection with holidays)

Contact our seller Tommy Lennartsson: tommy@hro.no for a customized offer for your company.

Oslo Customs Department

Our Oslo Customs Department is located on Verkseier Furulundsvei. We offer customs clearance for both vehicles and vehicles with custom body work. Customs paperwork is worked up for foreign builders who then pass them along to the drivers. Due to the fact that the paperwork follows the transport from beginning to delivery, the client will experience a smooth and quick border crossing. We would be happy to assist should you require help in ordering ferry tickets.

Our extensive experience with both Norwegian import and export, EUR1 certificates and transit documents in addition to our customs warehouse ensure we can help you with most anything.

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00 and should you desire direct contact with Karin Syversen karin@hro.no or Caroline Bjertnes caroline@hro.no

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HALDEN DEPARTMENT Tlf: +47 40 55 12 30

Opening Hours: Monday 08-18, Tuesday-Friday 08-20, Sunday 08-20

New orders or other questions: Customs@hro.no

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OSLO DEPARTMENT Tlf: +47 22 79 41 00 / Fax: +47 22 179 41 20

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 08-16

New orders or other questions: Chassis@hro.no

Snefrid Tøien
Customs Chassis

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